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What benefits do I get?

  • You get your DSD Master Certificate and Logo, which you can use
  • You are included in our Website;
  • You get a 10% Discount in DSD Planning Center Services
  • You get a 20% Discount in other DSD Courses;
  • Eligible to apply for DSD Instructor & DSD Clinic Certification

How to become a DSD MASTER®?

  • You need to be a DSD Member;
  • You need to present full documentation of 3 finalized clinical cases in which you have applied the DSD concept;
  • At least 1 of the cases need to be done using DSD Planning Center planning services. These cases will be reviewed by the DSD Faculty and feedback will be given if requirements are not met;
      •  The 3 cases need to follow the requirements below (You have 6 months to pass this examination):

    – Quality of photo and video documentation;

    – 2D design (DSD step-by-step) with the final 2D project on the 3 views of DSD (frontal, occlusal and 12 o’clock);

    – Precision between DSD and wax-up (conventional wax-up or digital wax-up on CAD/CAM);

    – Quality of mock-up and facial integration (facial portraits with mock-up);

    – Quality of Emotional/Motivational portraits and video with mock-up for the slide presentation for the patient;

    – Treatment plan according to smile design project. A summery of the treatment plan should be written on the slide;

    – Quality of clinical step involved on the case (e.g. Tooth Prep, Impression, provisional, perio surgery, Implant placement, cementation, occlusal adjustment);

    – Final outcome and final restorations;

    – Quality of slide presentation in general (layout);

    – The documentation of the finalized cases (photos and videos) must be the same as the pre-op one so we can compare the final outcome in all DSD views (frontal, occlusal and 12 o’clock).

      • The sequence of slides should show

    – Patient intro;

    – Pre op photo/video documentation;

    – Patient documentation (x-rays, questionnaire, panoramic, perio chart, etc..);

    – DSD sequence (the 8 steps of the Smile Design));

    – The final Smile Design Frame on the 3 views (frontal, occlusal, 12 o’clock);

    – The wax up quality control;

    – Slides to present the mock up to the patient;

    – The treatment plan presentation;

    – Slides showing the main clinical steps;

    – Final outcome. Besides intra oral photos of final outcome, all 4 DSD angles should be shown on portrait photos as well (frontal, occlusal, profile and 12 o’clock). The same video protocol done on the pre op documentation should be repeated on the final situation.

      •  You need to pay the Accreditation Fee

Want more info? Contact alonso@digitalsmiledesign.com

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