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Digital Smile Design – Holistic, Digital & Emotional Dentistry Solutions for Modern Clinics.
Is your business future-ready? Is your practice DSD ready? The future starts now

The Dental Industry is changing like never before: corporate entities are making it harder for small practices to compete. Technology is leading to drastic changes in the industry and in the way dental practices operate. With the shifting landscape of dentistry, it can be overwhelming for a single practitioner – a doctor – to keep up.

Efficiency and differentiation are the keys to success in this new environment 





DSD, which is recognized worldwide as the premiere way to elevate your dental clinic, is now making its technology systems and resources more readily available for turnkey operation in private practice to help you keep your personal and professional freedom.

At DSD Company, we want you to succeed.

It is our mission and purpose to help you and your practice; our business is your growth.

Dr. Coachman, whose family has been in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest family dedicated to dentistry worldwide, developed DSD because he deeply believes in this beautiful profession.

“We develop systems, products and services to help you grow from A to Z.” – Dr. Coachman

How can we help you?

Learn how to implement the concept that is changing the face of dentistry.

Improve Facial Analysis and Smile Design through 3D technology.
Become a Facial Driven Interdisciplinary Clinic and improve Team Communication processes.

Become a Digital Clinic.

Incorporate technology without worrying about investments and learning curve.
Incorporate the Emotional Dentistry approach, increase case acceptance and generate differentials through exciting  storylines. Increase growth with Modern Digital marketing concepts.

Understand the revolutionary principles of Guided Dentistry, Digital Ortho-Restorative integration, Cloud Dentistry and Remote Dentistry.

Interdisciplinary  Treatment Simulation, Digital Quality Control, Digital Smile Donator and First Fit Techonology.

Get Future ready!

Full course Programs

We can help you upgrade your clinic with consultancies, services and technologies, implementing integrated systems, IT support and training  your staff on the DSD workflow.

Complete Cloud Techonology
Digital Workflow
Mac Technology for your practice
Smart Practice
Medical IT Systems
HIPPA Compliance

Learn More and Contact an Associate

Get a marketing plan to outsmart your competition online.

Create a modern strategy to take advantage of all the amazing storylines that DSD provides. Schedule a FREE 20 min chat with one of our marketers to start your journey to higher ROI with an online plan that will get your ideal customers to find you, trust you and buy from you.

Learn More about the plan

Grow with us, improving your status in the DSD Community. Get exclusive benefits, differentiate your business and let us help drive new patients to you.

Pick the educational path:

  • DSD Master
  • DSD Instructor

Or the business path:

  • Red Status
  • Sliver Status
  • Gold Status
  • Black Status

Become part of our world map and benefit from our global marketing stategy.

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The DSD Planning Center services will bring all the benefits of Digital Dentistry to you and your patients without you worrying about investments and learning curve.

Affordable Smile Design projects, Motivational Mock ups, Interdisciplinary Simulations, Perio-Implant Planning and Guides, Full arch rehabilitation workflow, DSD & Aligners and Esthetic-Functional Planning.
Make your patients co-authors of their own smile. Allow them to test it before committing to the treatment. Create beautiful smile projects using the Digital Smile Donator Concept.

Try a case or schedule a online training support

DSD Certified Labs are prepared to deliver the DSD quality products, beauty and precision with consistency. When investing time to create beautiful projects and treatment plans, all we want is to finish the case with the quality we promised our patients.

Understanding technology is crucial to deliver predictability. The DSD Natural Restorations can provide affordable anterior beautiful restoration and provide the patient a consistent experience with mock-ups provisional and final restoration. Make the dream smile come true with the Digital Smile Donator Menu. Seamless Smile in a Day possible with the All-on-X protocol, guides, immediate loading dentures and Full Zirconia Bridges, also with the natural tooth shapes. The beautiful integration between DSD restorative workflow will exceed your patient’s expectations. The Bite Lift transitional restorations will simplify the process of treating worn dentition cases. First Fit technology is disrupting the dental industry with a ONE appointment restorative workflow.

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The DSD App is the short cut to immediately start providing your patients the Emotional Dentistry Experience, to Document Properly, Motivate Rapidly and Share Easily.

The App will teach your staff to document the cases properly through the DSD Wizard. Facial Recognition feature and automated Photo taking.
The App will guide you through the process of performing a beautiful smile project and simulation chair side.
The App will link your documentation and project to the DSD Planning center and DSD Labs in 1 click.

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