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What benefits do I get?

  • You get your DSD Master Certificate and special logo, as well as a commemorative DSD Master Card (metal or black). You can use it in your webpage and on social media
  • Attending the DSD Residency for free for a second time to get your DSD Mastership Pin Ceremony, transmitted live on social media. Post on DSD social media;
  • You will get a 10% discount in DSD Planning Center Services
  • You get a 20% Discount in other DSD Courses;
  • You will be eligible to apply for DSD Instructor and DSD Clinic Certification

How to become a DSD MASTER®?

  • You need to be a DSD Member (you get this certification by attending the DSD Residency 1);
  • One of your clinic colleagues or yourself need to be Invisalign Certified;
  • You need to present full documentation of 3 finalized cases in which you have applied the DSD Concept. Any treatment plan is accepted;
  • These cases will be reviewed by the DSD Faculty and feedback will be given if requirements are not met:



    – Good quality of photo and video documentation;

    – 2D design (DSD step-by-step) with the final 2D project on the 3 views of DSD (frontal, occlusal and 12 o’clock);

    – Quality of the Mock-up and facial integration (facial portraits with mock-up);

    – Quality of Emotional/Motivational portraits and video with mock-up for the slide presentation for the patient;

    – Treatment plan according to smile design project. A summary of the treatment plan should be written on the slide;

    – Quality of clinical step involved on the case (e.g. Tooth Prep, Impression, provisional, perio surgery, Implant placement, cementation, occlusal adjustment);

    – Final outcome and final restorations (or final results);

    – Quality of slide presentation in general (layout);

    – The documentation of the finalized cases (photos and videos) must be the same as the pre-op one so we can compare the final outcome in all DSD views (frontal, occlusal and 12 o’clock).

    *If we consider that any of the 3 cases need correction or are not up to DSD Mastership standards, you will have 6 months to send back the new presentation. 

      • The sequence of slides should show

    – Patient intro;

    – Pre op photo/video documentation;

    – Patient documentation (x-rays, questionnaire, panoramic, perio chart, etc..);

    -DSD Sequence (the 8 steps of the Smile Design)

    – 2D Smile Design/planning (made with the DSD APP)

    – 3D Smile Design with the frame on the 3 views (frontal, occlusal, 12 o’clock)

    – The wax up quality control;

    – Slides to present the mock up to the patient;

    – The treatment plan presentation;

    – Clinical procedure. Main clinical steps (gingivoplasty, prep, ortho, provisionals, etc)

    – Final outcome. Besides intraoral photos of the final outcome, all 4 DSD angles should be shown on portrait photos as well (frontal, occlusal, profile and 12 o’clock). The same video protocol done on the pre-op documentation should be repeated in the final situation.

    – Accreditation fee: 

    DSD Master Certification implies a one-time payment. This certification expires in 3 years. In order to retain the certification, you need to attend a DSD Residency again with a 50% discount on the tuition fee. For more information contact [email protected] 

Want more info? Contact [email protected]

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