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You can reach this DSD Community Level by simply attending one of the DSD Concept Hands-on courses offered globally, like the DSD Residency Module 1: Smile Design Hands-on & Emotional Dentistry or any official DSD Instructor Courses. It certifies that the dental professional has a basic understanding of the DSD Methodology

What benefits do I get?

  • You get your DSD Member Certificate;
  • You are now eligible to become a DSD Master
  • You will get access to exclusive promotions and discounts on other DSD Products and Services.
  • You will gain access to all of our exclusive DSD Content

How can I become a member of DSD Team member?

  • Complete the DSD Residency Module 1 with Christian Coachman or an official DSD Smile Design Hands-on by one of the DSD Instructors.
    CLICK HERE to register to one of our upcoming courses!

november, 2019

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