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DSD & Aligners

Is your business future-ready? Is your practice DSD ready? The future starts now. The dental industry is changing like never before: corporate entities are making it harder for small practices to compete. Technology is leading to drastic changes in the industry and in the way dental practices operate. With the shifting landscape of dentistry, it can be overwhelming for a single practitioner – a doctor – to keep up.

All of this may seem daunting, but you can’t just stick your head in the sand: you need to change the way your practice operates in order to survive and grow. Those who do not will lose their entrepreneurial freedom and may soon be working for corporations. That may be OK for some, but for those who want to keep their independence and have a thriving private practice with all the business benefits and resources a corporate technology system can offer, DSD is for you.

“It is not easy for a single practitioner to implement all of these new strategies on digital workflow, clinical skills, marketing and management, so it is a big challenge and that is why this partnership (You & DSD) is so powerful,”  Dr. Coachman

“Even though I’m not an orthodontist, improving the digital smile design process made me a huge fan of this amazing specialty and understand better the importance of integrating it into our interdisciplinary cases. Improving facial analysis and facially driven smile design projects, increases the awareness of how we can benefit from tooth movement, creating more conservative, functional and esthetic outcomes.

As a Smile Designer/Technician, I had 3 issues related to orthodontic treatments: first, understand which cases could benefit from tooth movement and how they would benefit; second, convince the restorative dentist about this benefit; third, help the dentist educate and motivate the patient about this beautiful option. DSD helps in all 3 matters, creating a visual understanding about the interdisciplinary relationship, improving team communication and developing an emotional link between the patient and the comprehensive solution.

You don’t need to be a biomechanics expert to understand that aligners are the future when it comes to moving teeth. The main reasons why I believe in that is because the future of predictable and high quality treatments will also bring digital planning and virtual treatment simulations to the table. Testing virtually the options before touching the patients mouth. When approving a virtual treatment, the only way we can translate the ortho part of it into reality in a consistent way is through aligners. Thats the main reason why I love to see how professionals from all over the world are embracing aligner technology and creating solutions for all different types of situations.”

Christian Coachman


  • Orthodontists, Specialists, General Practitioners or Staff Members that are part of the process of Smile Design, Treatment Planning, Case Acceptance and Clinical performance of cases involving Orthodontic Treatments.

  • For Clinic Owners willing to start using Invisalign or planning to do more Invisalign cases.

  • For Treatment Planners willing to improve the process of Facially Driven Dentistry.

  • For Treatment Coordinators willing to improve the process of Digital & Visual Treatment Presentation, Creating the WOW effect.




  • contact@digitalsmiledesign.com
    +34 91 058 59 28

10 goals of the DSD & Aligner pioneering course:
1. Introduce the DSD Concept. The world of Holistic, Digital and Emotional Dentistry.
2. Facially driven, Interdisciplinary planned and digitally simulated orthodontics. Concepts that will fascinate your clients: Emotional Dentistry, Digital Quality Control, Guided Dentistry, Virtual Treatment Simulation and Smile Donator.
3. Marketing strategies and Client Experience. How to differentiate your Clinic and increase orthodontic case acceptance on adults. Digital alignment simulation and Motivational Mock-up.
4. Get your office ready for the future through technology systems.
5. Improve OroFacial analysis and Smile Design skills. Go beyond Oral to OralFacial with your treatments.
6. Comparing Aligners with Conventional and Lingual braces.
7. The new Align-DSD workflow and the ortho restorative integration.
8. New iTero. The magic you can do with an intra oral scanner. Improving the clinical and technical workflow and also improving patient education and motivation. Chairside immediate ortho simulation and DSD Planning Center link.
9. DSD App hands-on. Simulating and Planning Smiles in 5min.
10. DSD Planning Center. The short cut to incorporate Digital Dentistry in your clinic and increase the perceived value to your clients.

november, 2019

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