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Digital Smile Design, Holistic, Digital & Emotional Dentistry Solutions for Modern Clinics.
Is your business future-ready? Is your practice DSD ready? The future starts now.

The dental industry is changing like never before: corporate entities are making it harder for small practices to compete. Technology is leading to drastic changes in the industry and in the way dental practices operate. With the shifting landscape of dentistry, it can be overwhelming for a single practitioner – a doctor – to keep up.

ll of this may seem daunting, but you can’t just stick your head in the sand: you need to change the way your practice operates in order to survive and grow. Those who do not will lose their entrepreneurial freedom and may soon be working for corporations.

DSD, a prestigious global company founded by Dr. Christian Coachman ,seeks to present to the world a new face of dentistry – more human, emotional and artistic, but also more efficient and precise through digital technology, further enhancing our noble profession in society because, after all, there are not many things in this life that are more important than a healthy, natural, confident and beautiful SMILE.

DSD Global, which is recognized worldwide as the premiere way to elevate your dental clinic, is now making its technology systems and resources more readily available for turnkey operation in private practice to help you keep your personal and professional freedom.

At DSD Global, we want you to succeed.

At DSD Global, we want you to succeed. , It is our mission and purpose to help you and your practice; our business is your growth.

“Share with us your vision,and we will customize a system and digital strategy to get you there,”

Paul Vigario, CEO of DSD Global.

By becoming an exclusive member of DSD Global, you will have access to our eight pillars, which covers the entire array of what you will need to elevate you and your practice at every level

  • DSD Education

  • DSD Technology

  • DSD Marketing

  • DSD Planning Center

  • DSD Lab

  • DSD Community

  • DSD Licensed Products

  • DSD Financial Services

Dr. Coachman, whose family has been in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest family dedicated to dentistry worldwide, developed DSD because he deeply believes in this beautiful profession.

“We develop systems, products and services to help you grow from A to Z.” – Dr. Coachman

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