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We invite you to review the general terms and conditions of purchase governing the supply and purchase of products and services by DSD VIRTUAL LAB through our online store included on this web site.

By using this web site you are bound by these terms conditions and, therefore, we recommend you read them carefully. Should you disagree with them, you must leave the web site.

These terms and conditions of purchase are applicable to all sales of products and services by DSD VIRTUAL LAB through its web site, www.dsdvirtuallab.com (hereinafter “the web site”).

When you place an order, you warrant that you are over 18 years of age and that you have the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.

All products and services contracted must have been prescribed by a practising dentist not disqualified from professional practice.

We reserve the right to void any fraudulent, false or speculative orders as well as orders placed by a customer with whom there has been a dispute or disagreement over past orders, or where there is reasonable doubt leading us to believe that the customer is in breach of any of the specified terms and conditions of purchase or is involved in criminal activity.
We may update these terms and conditions of purchase as well as the legal notice at any time. You can always consult and print out the updated version of both texts by clicking the links “Terms and conditions of purchase” and “Legal notices”.

1.1. The user’s duties
As a user you are required to report to DSD VIRTUAL LAB all the data necessary to access and use the services on this web site. They must be current and truthful and you agree that we can make use of them in order to get in touch with you, if necessary.
It is essential you provide all the information that we classify as mandatory, since otherwise we will be unable to process your order. We will not be liable for any delays or failures in delivery arising from any error or omission in said data.

The user must make appropriate use of the services provided on the web site, always in accordance with the law, and will not carry out any activity that obstructs or interferes with its operation.

1.2. Security measures.
We will use all reasonable means at our disposal to ensure that your personal data is kept safe at all times. However, you acknowledge that data transmission over the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be secure against access by unauthorized recipients and we will not assume any liability for any security breaches, unless they are due to our own negligence.
Likewise, you must also take the necessary security steps, both personal and material, to keep your user name and password safe and inform us immediately in the event of loss, misplacement, seizure, theft or unlawful access to your user name and password, as well as in cases where third parties have become aware of them.

1.3. Cookies policy.
We hereby inform you that our online store requires the use of cookies. These are files that will be installed on the computer you are using to access our web site for the purposes described below.
Cookies are used in order to offer a more personalised service and to make page navigation both simpler and more tailored to your preferences. Cookies help us, for example, to save your user settings (language and country) so you don’t have to enter these details again on your next visit. They will also allow us to manage your shopping cart and store your order information while you are browsing the online store. They also allow us, once you have identified yourself by your username and password for the first time, to prevent you from having to re-enter this information at each visit in order to access those sections requiring prior identification.

In order to allow, identify, block or delete any cookies installed on your computer you can select the appropriate options within the browser installed. If you wish, you can configure your browser so that it will provide you with an on-screen notice of the receipt of any cookies and prevent the installation of cookies on your hard drive. Please consult your browser’s user instructions and handbook for further information.

All products and services offered on this web site are sold directly by the commercial company DSD VIRTUAL LAB SL (hereinafter, DSD VIRTUAL LAB), Tax ID Card nº B‑85211472, with its registered office in Móstoles (Madrid, Spain) at Calle Alquimia 3.
Orders can only be placed via the web site.

2.1. Purchasing procedure

You can browse the web site until you find the desired item. Once located, by clicking on it you will be able to access all the detailed information offered herein. From there you can add the item to your cart.
If you are placing an order for the first time with us, you will be asked to register by entering your email address and a password which you can use to create and access your account. If you are already a registered user with an active account, you must enter your email address and password and the system will complete your details. Once you have accessed your account, you can continue your purchase and confirm your order.

2.2. Coverage of the offer

The services and products offered can be acquired from any part of the world, shipping deadlines will be adjusted depending on the area concerned.

2.3. Contract with DSD VIRTUAL LAB and acceptance of orders.

An order will not be accepted by us until the relevant amount has been charged to your account. Once you have confirmed your purchase, you will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your order, but this does not imply that the order has been accepted, since it will be subject to subsequent verification and acceptance by us.
We will confirm acceptance of the order by e-mail and we will inform you that your order is being sent. Only at that point will the contract between you and DSD VIRTUAL LAB become effective, and only for those services or related products contained in the shipping notice.

2.4. Confirming and cancelling orders

Prior to completing your order on the web site, you can check all the details associated with it (amounts broken down into all the necessary sections – taxes, shipping costs, items selected, information and paperwork required for providing the service and/or the product etc.), and you will be able to correct anything you consider necessary.
Subsequent to order confirmation, it will not be possible to modify or cancel the order through the web site; you must contact DSD VIRTUAL LAB directly.

2.5. Currency, taxes and price.

All prices are in euros, including any taxes applicable from time to time, therefore this will be the final price to be paid by the customer.

2.6. Form of payment and security.

Any order placed must be paid for immediately following confirmation. Only those orders where payment has been made and verified will be processed.
Payment must be made by credit card. The order amount will be charged to your card, so you must provide its number, expiry date and CVV2 security code (to be found on the back of the card). In the event that your card is secured, you will be asked to provide the relevant security codes.

This information will not be retained or processed by us, it will be registered directly on the payment gateway of the corresponding financial institution. For added security, we use the secure electronic commerce authentication system established by Visa / MasterCard / Eurocard, whereby the client supplies authentication to their bank and the merchant provides authentication to its acquiring bank.
To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of any transactions, these are performed through the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Protocol using 128-bit security keys.

Charging takes place in real time through the payment gateway. Should we not be able to process your order (for any reason), it will be automatically cancelled.

2.7. Deliveries:
Delivery schedules will be available within a maximum of five days. Since it is a digital document it will be placed on the web site, ready to be accessed by the customer using their access details. You will be advised of the availability of the same within the above-mentioned period.
Product delivery time will be the sum of the five days required for its manufacture plus between five and seven days for shipment, depending on the geographical area.
Transport costs will be included in the final product price once the corresponding geographical area has been selected.

2.8. Defective products.
Since all our products are tailor-made we can only replace or refund them in the event that they are not in accordance with the information sent by the client. Once the existence of any deficiency has been confirmed, the customer can choose between receiving a replacement product or a refund of the amount paid. In cases where reimbursement is requested, this will be made to same credit card through which payment was made, within a maximum period of fifteen days.

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